Attorney Nicholas Rosenberg has worked with many different expert witnesses on cases involving firearms including ballistics/toolmark experts, firearms operation and safety and shooting incident reconstructions. Here are actual case studies of crime scenes involving murder charges in South Los Angeles, and officer-involved shooting in Ontario, CA and murder charges in Southwest Los Angeles.

Using the 3 D Laser Scanner from Faro Technologies, a three-dimensional point cloud of the crime scene is generated which allows the model to be rotated at will to understand the relationships between the firearm trajectory and features of the crime scene. In one of the murder cases above, the shooting incident reconstruction reports were part of the defense strategy which resulted in murder charges being dropped to voluntary manslaughter with a single digit prison term versus life in prison.

By visiting and documenting crime scenes, Attorney Nicholas Rosenberg has gained insights into the particular allegations resulting in a stronger defense. Forensic Experts are always part of that defense strategy, especially when firearms are involved. Often, the inconsistencies or impossibilities of what witnesses claim happened can be uncovered by using crime scene reconstruction techniques.

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