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brush fireSouthern California is known for its warm weather and Santa Ana winds. We are know for our lovely warm and sunny days, but that warmth often comes with a price because our warm and dry climate crates a tinderbox for fire hazards: be it wild fires or structure fires. While Los Angeles wildfires are a common occurrence, many of these life-threatening and property-destroying fires some accidentally started and others purposefully started by arsonists. Those started on purpose are sometimes set bat actual firefighters -seasonal wildfire workers sitting home under financial pressure who need a wildfire “gig;” others by random, bored, attention-seeking folks who want to see their handiwork on the 6 PM news but have no clue as to the real cost in property and lives…

The State of California and taxpayers have to spend massive amounts of money to contain, control and get these wildfires under control. Moreover, significant assets including money and investigators are also brought to bear to find and identify those responsible and to point blame. Because these big fires are in the news for days and weeks there are political pressures to find those responsible – even rounding up suspects on the slimmest of evidence. These investigators will look at dozens of people and it is very possible to be caught up in a broad investigation and pegged as a potential or likely suspect. Your whereabouts or perhaps your actions may put you in the spotlight. You may even be responsible for a fire. If so, it may not matter if the fire setting was unintentional. Let’s be objective and practical here – if you were involved, a witness or in the vicinity and your did not immediately come forward – there is some explaining to do, and for that you had better show up with qualified and experienced legal counsel – or bag an overnight bag.

What is Arson?

Arson is generally thought of as someone intentionally setting fire to wild-lands, brush, trees, forests, or any kind of real property including buildings or man-made structures. Homes and commercial buildings are often primary targets. The presumed implication is that the arsonist had a measurable motive (emotional, retribution, financial gain, etc.) for starting a fire to cause harm, damage property, or cause a financial loss so as to commit insurance fraud. Arson is a serious felony charge and can be filed at the state or even the federal level, depending upon what structure or open land area was damaged by fire.

Arson Investigators are Well-Funded and Persistent

Your chances of being found out by persistent, taxpayer-funded investigators is significant! These competent and capable people have the time, the money and the resources to track you down and make a case against you no matter if it is was a huge wildfire or a small structure fire. Remember… arson investigators have the unlimited deep pockets of the government, unbelievable power, significant perceived authority and arson charges should be taken very, very seriously. Talk to an arson defense attorney the minute you think you are under investigation or are actually facing charges.

Arson is Aggressively Investigated and Prosecuted

arson investigationCity, County and State prosecutors aggressively investigate and locate suspects believed to have committed the crime of arson. The enormous capital expense that results from wildfires and structure fires puts significant political pressure on law enforcement and prosecutors to ultimately hold someone accountable.

If you or a loved one is being investigated or has actually been charged with arson, it would be in your best interest to seek competent legal advice from a Los Angeles arson defense attorney to help you understand the seriousness of the charges and what you can do about the situation. Serious penalties and harsh punishment can often result from state or federal arson charges. Your or a loved one, as a suspect or the accused have legal rights. But remember, those rights are just theoretical until you decide to exercise them. Immediate attention is recommended. Contact a Kos Angeles area criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Los Angeles Arson Defense Lawyer

Arson Defense Lawyer Nicholas Rosenberg has years of criminal defense experience. Attorney Rosenberg has helped many clients get serious criminal charges dismissed, dropped, reduced or settled out of court. Attorney Rosenberg strives to give every individual charged with arson the opportunity to understand the full implication of the charges and the subsequent penalties facing them if they were to receive an arson conviction.

The minute that you become aware that an arson investigation is being made about your possible involvement in a suspicious fire, you should immediately consult with an attorney. Don’t wait, that will make defending you more difficult.

Getting a criminal defense attorney involved at the beginning is critical. It is mandatory to observe the investigators; review their evidence collection procedures; and have a knowledgeable and respected criminal defense attorney accompany you during any and all interviews or interrogations. These key steps may provide critical opportunities for fighting the charges or getting them dismissed outright. Nicholas Rosenberg’s clients get every chance to defend themselves. Mr. Rosenberg is here to help.

For immediate legal assistance day or night, contact Los Angeles Arson Defense Attorney Nicholas Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg welcomes you to call him anytime (24/7) so that you or your loved-one can stand up against the arson investigation or actual arson charges.

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