Drug Crimes

California Drug Crimes

In California, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is a citable offense and you are given a citation but are not arrested.
California has approved the possession and cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes if the proper procedures are followed. However, be very careful and do not assume that a “medical recommendation” or prescription from one state will allow lawful possession or cultivation in the other state. Generally speaking it will NOT – but law enforcement at the street level may take a prescription into their decision to cite you, detain or arrest you.

In California, possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or ecstasy, etc. are serious felonies and you will be arrested if you are found to be in possession of any of these controlled substances. If convicted of a felony, you can be sent to state prison. You want to aggressively fight such a charge to avoid prison, or get the charges reduced or dismissed.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in California

Drug charges are serious business in California.  Depending on certain factors, it may be possible for someone with no criminal history to be facing months in jail on a first offense.  Because of this, if you have been charged with ANY drug offense, you need to talk to a California Defense Attorney immediately.

Even if you do not go to jail or prison, you face a host of unpleasant consequences, including probation, substantial fines, classes, random drug tests, and more.  A drivers license suspension  is also possible.  A Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Lawyer lawyer can help you avoid or lessen the impact of these consequences on your life.

California Drug Crime Enhancements

If you are charged with a drug crime, and are accused of having a “substantial quantity” of the drug, or it is charged as a “Possession to sell / distribute,” the increased criminal charges can seriously increase the threat of prison.

Los Angeles Drug Defense Lawyer

The heart and soul of drug cases lie in what the police did.  I know how to analyze your case and figure out how to help you.  If the police violated your rights while searching you or your belongings, then it is possible to get the whole case tossed out, no matter what was found.  Too many people just plead guilty to their drug offense without taking the time to see if there is anything they can use to fight the charges.

As an experienced trial attorney, I will analyze your case and do everything I can to find a weakness that we can use to your advantage.  When you are facing serious charges, you need a serious defense.  Call me today for a free consultation.

Nicholas Rosenberg is a criminal defense attorney who defends persons accused of drug offenses in courts Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

If you are charged with a drug related crime in Los Angeles or Los Angeles County you should contact Criminal Defense attorney Nicholas Rosenberg at the Law offices of Nicholas Rosenberg at (818) 404-3363.

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